“Boarding School Bastard”

“Sharavsky has dug deep for this gripping and emotional memoir, exposing a childhood sure to leave as big a mark on the reader as it did on the writer. Unforgettable.”
Jon Clinch, author of “Finn,” chosen as one of the year’s best novels by the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and Christian Science Monitor.

“Sharavsky’s experiences, as depicted in this moving book, provide an important lens into the loneliness and fear felt by children who feel vulnerable and unprotected. Boarding School Bastard eloquently portrays the trauma experienced by victims and witnesses to child abuse.”
Debra Schilling Wolfe, Executive Director, University of Pennsylvania Field Center for Children’s Policy, Practice and Research

A deaf woman leaves her eight-year old son at an orphanage, hoping he’ll find a better life than their hand-to-mouth existence. The widow dreams that Girard College, a boarding school for fatherless boys, will be his Camelot. Instead, emotional abuse, corporal punishment and pedophilia await him. And her son doesn’t know whether his mother is ever coming back, or if he’ll have to run away.

Recognized by online publisher Byliner as a “Best-Read” book in 2014, Boarding School Bastard is the memoir of a child’s first year at an orphanage in Philadelphia in 1962. But despite the brutality and neglect he endured, Sharavsky lets his stories tell themselves. His cinematic writing style places you at every scene in this stunning debut memoir.

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