Books and eBooks

Are you an authority? Of course you are, with your book
written by a great ghostwriter.

A book or white paper boosts your credibility and gives your visitors a promotional item.

Welcome to the Download Economy. Oh, you know what I’m talking about — that freebie eBook, white paper, brochure, or study you downloaded because it provided valuable insights or statistics. You have a dozen of them in your computer right now.


And in return,  you gave the company behind that content your email address, your phone number, your title, and other valuable information they now use to stay in touch and “nurture” you. And offer more stuff.


So, where does all that content come from? Who writes all those books and white papers and position papers for senior executives too busy or writing-challenged to do it themselves?


I do (he said, taking a modest bow). And I can help you do it as well.

I’ve written or edited thousands of books, eBooks, white papers and articles. Useful content marketing  

The topics I’ve co-authored or ghostwritten books and white papers on include:

• How to fail successfully
• Anthony Bourdain
• Motivating technology teams
• Physical training after 50
• Agile software development
• Leadership psychology
• Time management
• Closed captioning in India
• A memoir on the advertising business
• Women’s health

And that’s just a sampling. My experience stretches from technology to healthcare to business to sports and more. And you can use it to your advantage. I’ve ghostwritten or edited thousands of books, articles and papers, positioning executives as subject matter experts. And companies as solution providers and information curators. I’ve helped Fortune 500 consultants, small business owners and corporations. 


Book text becomes blog posts, papers, web content

Once I’ve written your book, like the one to the right, you can repurpose that content in numerous ways. Turn it into a blog series, chapter by chapter. Or repackage it with some eye-candy graphics or convincing charts, and then offer it as a download. Turn sections into a webinar. You would not believe the many ways people have reused my copy.

Waste not. Write less. So let’s talk.

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